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Welcome to Keiferville

Come in and visit, we hope you enjoy your stay. 

Remember: You must have a dream for it to come true ...

The Barn, after a few modifications.

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To be in the woods in Mason County, Washington

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Wildlife around Keiferville

Arlington Scottish Festival - 2000

Washington, February 2001

Alaska 2002

May 2002 - Beginning to finish out the loft
May 2002 - Heard Museum,  

Working Vacation, 2002

Building a Swing, June 2002
Beach Drive, Aug 2002

Safe Landing 

Patio Birds, December 2002
First Snow of Winter, 2003

Carl Vinson, January 2003

Tim's Photos of the area, July 2003
Aug 2003  -  Loft Finish Progress

Albino Spotted Towhee, Aug 2003
September 2003 - Weekend Visitors

Walkway cover extension, November 2003
Kitchen Cabinets installation, Nov 2003

Finished Kitchen

Closet, November 2003
Cabinets, December 2003
New Snow, January 2004
Seattle, January 2004
Backyard - in progress

2005 - Greenhouse Construction

Mason County Oyster Festival - 2005

Belfair, WA. Weather
Richardson, TX. Weather
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Mason County, Washington
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  Temycat relaxing in   front of the Big Screen.

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