Pictures Taken in Washington in May 2002
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Beautiful Hood Canal
This is just the start of our 12 days in the NW this May of 2002. We had plans to complete a lot of work on the loft and we did. What you will see in the pictures below are just some of the activities and things that we accomplished. It will be hard to put enough detail text with all of them but if you look closely you will see the changes. Where there was a wood covered opening in front of the barn is now closed in, where there was a window or a broken window, there is none and a replacement. Where there was none there is now two new windows. Where there was a grassy hazardous walkway is now the start of a safer, smooth walkway. We did accomplish a lot but there is still much to be done. NEXT Time...

Tim's #1 Apprentice (A Day Laborer!)

Tim preparing the equipment.
Notice no studs up yet
but french doors are gone.

The french doors were behind that
old wood above the barn doors.

Becky's Toilet.
First Things First
Gotta keep the Help happy

More Necessities
Tim's ingenuity in using a twig
to hold the paperwork.

The old swinging doors
Grassy drive in front.

These old doors were made into window
covers to protect the new windows
against breakage.

Admiring his carpentry.
Look at all of those studs.

Master Carpenters #1

Master Carpenters #2

More carpentry - note no window in kitchen yet.

Just a little off here.